Versatile and Simple.
The 1×1 trainer.

This app has not less than 8 different training modes.  You can choose singe player or dual player modes, multiple choice, multiplication table training, prime numbers and more.  I all cases you can choose between multiplication, addition, subtraction and division.

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What makes us special

The 1×1 Trainer is simple to use and has all training modes needed for primary school.  The app trains calculations systematically and is kept simple to keep up the concentration on the results.

Fast Launch

Setup the operations your kid needs. Define the number range for multiplications, plus and minus.

With Care

Your kid will get more and more trophies while it is learning.

Amazing results

You can show your kid that it is getting better and better by checking the average times your kid needs for the calculations.

Start with the settings page to define the need operations.


Your kids will get a trophy for every 50 correct calculations.

Simple motivations are the best.

Numbers and usage

The app is used widely by parents and schools.  It got top ranks for learning apps (age 9-11) in Germany.

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Just download the app from the store. Simple, nice and user-friendly application. Only relevant information. Great training results.