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This app increases mental math capabilities by playing a game.  All operations are supported, but especially multiplication rows are trained here.

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What makes us special

The math game MathAttack trains the velocity of mental math calculations. The right results have t be given within seconds to be successful.

If your kid is advanced it will have fun with it.

Fast Launch

Choose between 2 different modes. Row calculations or normal calculations.

With a Smile

The scenes are not super-realistic.  Let’s concentrate on the task and avoid too much excitement.

Numbers and Usage

Your kid can play 2 different modes.

One with normal calculations. In the 2nd one you have to choose one number and select the right row. (72 -> Row 9 or Row 8).

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Amazing results

Your mental math will get much faster by training this app. Extremely fast.

At the end you can solve the last level.

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Just download the app from the store. Simple, nice and user-friendly application to play a math game. Enjoy getting faster and manage the different levels.