For advanced Training.
The multiple choice calculator.

This app is designed to train metal math of large numbers.  Multiplications up to 20×20 can be done.  Free choice of the numbers is possible.

Advanced Training
Additional Calculator
Results are recorded
Collect Trophies & Play a Game

What makes us special

The multiple choice calculator concentrates on large number multiplications.  Therefore it is suitable for larger classes as well.

Usable without the additional features, just simple.

Fast Launch

Very fast settings, just select the numbers you want to test.

With a Smile

The smily keeps on moving. Once you got 10 good results you may play a mini game.

Amazing results

You can train calculations for years.  Some users have collected hundreds of trophies.

App Downloads per Year

Multiple Choice Calculator

The multiple choice calculator can be used as an option.  Try if you are able to estimate the results.

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